about us

Who we are

CARENIDHI (Centre for Applied Research and Education on Neurodevelopmental Impairments and Disability-related Health Initiatives) is a registered, non-profit organization (exempted u/s 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961) devoted to the promotion of education and applied research in the field of neurodevelopmental disabilities in children. The organization was initiated in 1997.

The Vision

The Vision With a vision to integrate disability-related health initiatives into “community development”, CARENIDHI calls for the combined efforts of people with different disabilities, their families, health and rehabilitation professionals, organizations involved in the care of disabled children, and supportive services in the education, social and health sectors.

The Mission

The mission of the organization is to play a promotional role in the Community-based Rehabilitation (CBR) of children with different disabilities in India by empowering the community with the necessary knowledge and skills required for their optimal care. Our mission also is to foster education and research in the field of disability, thereby providing a platform for learning and improving the quality of life for children with different abilities.

Focus of Work

Reaching out to large numbers through training and educational programmes as well as policy relevant health research essential for further advancement of work in this area is a high priority.


Centre for Applied Research and Education on Neurodevelopmental Impairments and Disability-related Health Initiatives, New Delhi (CARENIDHI) is Registered as a Public Charitable Trust; registered by Sub Registrar of New Delhi Trust Circle Registration number : 1169, in book 20, pp: 63-70
CARENIDHI is registered u/s 12 A of I.T. Act, 1961 : Entry at S.No.490 of register of Director, I.T. Exemption.
CARENIDHI is exempted u/s 80G of I.T. Act, 1961
CARENIDHI's Identity is also registered with the Niti Aayog on their NGO portal With the Unique ID - DL/2018/ 0206856
Bankers: Canara Bank, Greeen Park, New Delhi
Auditors:V V M A & Co. K 317, 3rd Floor MB Road Lado Sarai New Delhi-110030